Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a form of entertainment and should be treated as such. Always gamble responsibly and follow these helpful guidelines to ensure your gambling stays in control.

  1. Establish your betting limits and mentally agree with yourself your losses before you start gambling.
  2. Set a Deposit Limit on your account at a level you can afford to lose
  3. Set yourself a time limit before you start gambling and stick to it and take regular breaks. This can be done by setting session limits
  4. Don’t forget your daily life; ensure you have completed all your responsibilities before gambling.
  5. Don’t turn to gambling as an alternative source of income or a way to pay back a debt.
  6. Don’t gamble if you are in recovery for any dependency or if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance
  7. Have Fun and when the fun stops STOP!

You can restrict your gambling with online operators in the following ways

  1. Set deposit limits which can be daily, weekly or monthly
  2. Set session reminders so you can keep track of how long your playing and take regular breaks when reminders pop up
  3. Account restrictions on which platforms you can play on
  4. Time outs, which will stop you being able to gamble on your account for a short period of time
  5. Self exclusion periods which suspend access to your account for a minimum 6 month period
  6. Account closure. Take this option if you have concerns over your gambling